About Us

We are focused on the design of aesthetic, practical, originally designed fashionable mobile accessories for you at extraordinary prices.


The luxury brand Baseus uses exquisite materials to create its accessories thus, providing unique features through extremely elegant details. Our collection offers men and women a great selection of Baseus items at unrivalled prices. Stocks are limited but, in order to please you, our offer is continuously updated.


Baseus Logo is a simplified version its slogan “Base on user”.  


Base on user means our users are the foundation for a companys survival and development. When  setting products demands orientation, we ensure users perspective and focus on their experience remain our central tenement. 

Practical aesthetics design is Baseus brand core values. We intently prepare products of both practicability and aesthetics for users. Our products are uniquely Baseus styled using some of the latest technology, environmentally friendly materials and fashionable elements.

Every step of our process requires significant time and attention , from material selection to to craft processing, or from color matching to structure determination, to create simple, purely beautiful and practical articles used in our lives.

Thus our users can live a better life owing to a beautifully balanced and humanized design.


An Enticing Mix of Elegance and Luxury